Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Note to Governor Baldacci

This past Monday I ran into Governor Baldacci at Amato's and I had a nice conversation with him. I have copied my follow up note to him below and I hope it helps to reinforce the importance of visual media production in Maine.

Dear Governor Baldacci,

Thank you for your time at Amato’s today. As I mentioned to you, Coast of Maine Organic Products, Inc received a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) about 9 months ago. We have used that money to expand our Marion Township facility and hire another full time employee.

We have wonderful, hardworking and ingenious employees in Marion. They are a big reason that our organically certified gardening soils are distributed to over 700 retail locations throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and the Mid-West. Our beautiful bags brand Maine wherever they are sold.

I have a deep love and respect for Maine and its citizens and I am proud that our company is an important employer in a depressed county.

I am determined to tell our story of several Maine companies working together to create organically certified products that promote the best of Maine.

You will get a sense of what I am saying if you take 7 minutes to watch our most recent video. In addition to promoting a product that we make for Master Nursery garden centers we were also able to promote Pineland Farms All-Natural Beef in Fort Fairfield and Gordon Kelley’s Peat bog in Cherryfield, Maine.

We are shooting a lot of beautiful video and we’ll be putting together several broadcast quality videos in the future. It there is anything the Department of Tourism needs from us we’d be happy to oblige.

Yours truly,

Cameron Bonsey

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