Friday, September 25, 2009

The Camden International Film Festival

Building a sense of community in today’s fast paced world is difficult to do. Sharing ideas, creating common goals, while getting support for individual ideas and goals, is part of creating that sense of community and trust.

If you are a media producer, your energy is probably wrapped up in trying to push your own project to completion. Along the way, you may need to reach inside your local media community and ask for help.

In an effort to create that sense of community by connecting industry leaders with the independent media producers the Camden International Film Festival will present the Points North Documentary Film Forum on October 2nd at 2 pm at the Theater at Union Hall, #2 Central Street, Rockport, ME (map). Union Hall is part of the Maine Media Workshops campus.

The afternoon will consist of two sections: A New World: Non-fiction Film Funding, Trends, and Players with a round table of industry veterans and funders presenting the current funding process, trends and players. This will be followed by The Survivor's Guide – a panel of filmmakers discussing "sustainable" filmmaking, DIY distribution and offering tips on how to make a living as a filmmaker in this unique economic climate. Panelists will include top doc filmmakers drawn from this year's festival as well as some CIFF alumni.

Sponsored in part by the LEF Foundation and Maine Media Workshops, Points North provides attendees an opportunity to connect with industry leaders in an environment conducive to discussion.

“The Camden International Film Festival (CIFF) is committed to supporting and generating interest in independent documentary films. The annual festival presents a snapshot of the cultural landscape through the year’s best non-fiction storytelling, connecting filmmakers with eager audiences and industry representatives to discuss documentary film as an art form, a catalyst for change and as an outlet for the independent voice. “

I encourage you to take part in the workshop and take time to support the 5th annual Camden Film Festival. For more information visit: