Monday, August 23, 2010

My Note to All The Maine Gubernatorial Candidates

From: Cameron Bonsey []
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2010 4:09 PM
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Subject: Questions in Regard to the Importance of Visual Media Production for the State of Maine

To all,

My name is Cameron Bonsey and I publish a blog

The blog is also published as a newsletter and goes out to about 3,500 Maine business owners, lawmakers and film makers. In addition, when the subject is relevant to them, it goes to producers at companies like Warner Brothers and Sony.

My mission statement is:

“I created The Maine Film blog because I believe that film production can become an important part of Maine's "everyday" economy. I will post information that educates and inspires the people who come to this blog. This is an important segment of Maine's future economic growth and I want to facilitate its success.”

I would like feedback from each campaign in regard to how important visual media is to the Maine economy from both an economic and marketing perspective. Do you feel that we should invest in more infrastructure to support visual media? Should Maine increase its current visual media incentives to be competitive with the over 40 states that have better incentives? Should Maine develop a specialty incentive program to pursue particular films that promote Maine in a positive way? Do you have other ideas that could help to increase visual media production in Maine and job opportunities for Maine citizens?

I look forward to your responses and you can also reach me by phone at 807-7406.

Yours truly,

Cameron Bonsey

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