Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Celebrating Maine

As we continue our push to bring more media productions to Maine and increase media incentives it is important that we reach out to production companies and let them know that Maine is working “step by step” to become a more film and business friendly state.

Barney Martin and I brought Mick Garris and Mark Sennet, the director and producer of the Stephen King film, “Bag of Bones” to Maine to meet with the Governor, his staff and other legislators to talk about increasing incentives for media production that takes place in Maine. A few days after Mick and Mark left I saw an article saying that Warner Brothers had plans to remake the miniseries “It”, another Stephen King story.

I have contact information for several executives at Warner Brothers so I wrote to them. Two weeks later I received the following email from Steve Papazian President, Worldwide Physical Production, Warner Bros. Pictures.


Thank you for your communication and update on the potential of Maine film incentives .Having filmed the majority of “Message in a Bottle” in Bath, Warner Bros is quite familiar with Maine location opportunities.

Film incentives have become an important component in our financial model budgeting process. Domestic and Worldwide film incentives remain extremely competitive.

Please continue to keep us advised as to your progress.

All the very best to you and Barney,

Steve “

Like everyone that I talk to who has ever visited Maine, Steve has a high regard for our beautiful state and its citizens based on his experience. If the economics work, Warner Brothers would certainly consider Maine.

I believe that we will make the economics work. There is a great sense of camaraderie and openness cemented by today’s communication technology and our shared love of Maine.

I hear the naysayers but I don’t listen to them. Like I tell my kids, “Believe in yourself, stay positive and do what you think is right to attain your personal goals and enhance your local community.”

That is what Barney and I will continue to do and we invite all of you to join us. Please visit the Maine Film Advocates Facebook page and join us as we celebrate Maine.


Wendy said...

Kudos to You and Barney for your efforts and hard work for bringing this issue to the attention of our citizens and politicians. Keep it up. Maine needs people like you!

Cameron Bonsey said...

Thank you