Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Bag of Bones"

“Bag of Bones”

Those of you who have been kind enough to read my blog ( over the course of the last year and a half know that my mission statement is:

I created The Maine Film blog because I believe that film production can become an important part of Maine's "everyday" economy. I will post information that educates and inspires the people who come to this blog. This is an important segment of Maine's future economic growth and I want to facilitate its success.”

Facilitating that success has never been easy. I first wrote to Angus King in 2002 to ask the State and the Film Office to be more proactive in attracting potential producers. I always felt that more could be done so; I went out and did what I thought the state should be doing. Along the way I teamed up with my friend Barney Martin, who possesses more natural energy than “The Storm of the Century”, and we began an odyssey that would make Homer proud.

I’ll make this brief and spare you the details of working with Barney for the last four and a half years. Just know that there were many moments of “Misery” as I tried to be stable, proactive and kind while Barney went into “Maximum Overdrive”.

This balance of personalities and mutual respect allowed Barney and I to build one relationship after another even in moments of “Desperation” when we each felt like a “Bag of Bones”

So far our crowning achievement has been to bring Mick Garris and Mark Sennet, the director and producer of “Bag of Bones” to Maine to meet with the Governor and key legislators in an effort to pass additional film incentives that will allow the film to be shot in Maine.

We also dragged Mark and Mick to every media outlet we could during a fourteen hour day that turned us all into “Sleepwalkers”. You can find all the links at and those of you that enjoy Facebook can find the information at the Maine Film Advocates page.

Please read the information and decide for yourself if media production is a good thing for Maine. We’d love to hear from you and have your join the cause if you don’t want Maine’s economy to get any “Thinner”.

P.S. Look for Barney and me tonight on WGME 13 Live at 5:30!

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