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How a film brought fame to Camden

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Subject: How a film brought fame to Camden

I read the June 9th Portland Press Herald Article “How a film brought fame to Camden” with great interest. Film and television production in Maine can have a tremendous economic impact and Peyton Place is a perfect “home town” example. 50 years after its release people are still traveling to Camden so see where the film was made. This phenomenon is known as set-jetting and is never accurately calculated into economic figures for film and television production.

I have copied 2 quotes from the article that highlight these points. All of you on my list including legislators, business people, producers, cast members, actors, film commission members and Maine citizens who are concerned with the future of the Maine economy can take a look at the past to see that we should all be coming together to do everything we can to insure that more great films are shot in Maine.

After the movie was released, tourists flocked to Camden in search of the places where "Peyton Place" had been filmed. A half-century later they're still coming, and Camden has pricey real estate and high incomes.

"If there was a seminal event that changed the mind-set of the people here, this was it," Bregy said. "Having a major motion picture made here made people think this must be a unique place."

Maine is a unique place and we need to promote and market it to the best of our combined abilities.

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