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A Downeast Idea

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I read the May 2007 “The Talk of Maine” section of Downeast magazine with great interest. The piece was written by Joshua F. Moore and it was titled “Stealing the Show”. In short, it highlighted past film projects that have been produced in Maine, their positive economic impact, the current film incentives that Maine has in place and how they are not enough to compete with the film incentives that have been passed in other New England states and states across the country.

The current incentives would never have been passed without the immense efforts of citizens outside of the film office and film commission. Barney Martin, an actor and performer from Scarborough Maine, invested hundred’s of hours in research and relationship building with legislators to educate them on the benefits of film production. Without his efforts, and the efforts of other citizens, Maine would be bereft of film incentives.

So here is the sobering and empowering news in regard to film and television production in the state of Maine. It will only get done when individuals, like Mr. Martin, have the belief in Maine, its locations, its people, their creativity and the heart and soul to pull it all together.

Four of those people were mentioned in the “Stealing the Show” article. Stephen King, Richard Russo, Todd Field and Patrick Dempsey have all had a positive impact on Maine television and film production.

Imagine bringing all their talents together under a non-profit designed as a sustainable organization to employ and educate Maine residents in the media production industry. Any profits from any production would be returned to the non-profit to invest in future productions and education.

The first project could bring the intellectual collaboration of Stephen King and Richard Russo, the creativity and directorial talents of Todd Field and the celebrity and acting ability of Patrick Dempsey together in the first production that could be titled, “The Shining Empire Falls”.

With that type of star power, funding for pre-production, production, post production, distribution and marketing would be assured. The goodwill and excitement would be immense and an entity would be born that would continue to grow and help expand and improve the standard of living for citizens throughout the state of Maine.

You may say that I have an imagination bigger that Mr. King’s and Mr. Russo’s combined but I don’t think so. It will just take a bunch of heart, soul and drive……I think I’ll give Mr. Martin a call.

Yours truly,

Cameron Bonsey

Falmouth, Maine

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