Monday, May 24, 2010

Bringing the Film Commission and Visual Media Community Together

The positive energy and the number of visual media projects being produced in Maine continues to grow. Fortunately, the Film Commission also continues to grow and is now, after a long period of time, fully appointed with 11 members.

My last post talked about my enthusiasm and hope that Dr. Owen Smith, Chair, New Media Department, University of Maine Orono, would bring energy and direction to the film commission. I know Owen and have met with him so I have a sense of who he is as a person and his commitment and skills within the visual media world.

I don’t know a lot about the other new members. On the film office website it lists each members name and their employment information. There is no biographical information and no statement by each member letting us know the things they would each like to accomplish to improve the visual media economy in Maine.

It would be wonderful to have a Film Commission roundtable meeting where members of the visual media community could come and ask questions, mingle with the film commissioners and get a sense who they are and what they want to accomplish as film commissioners.

This might be a great opportunity for the Maine Film and Video Association to host a meeting with this type of setting. It would enhance the communication between the Film Commission and the Maine visual media community.

Let’s have that meeting. As the communication grows, the willingness to listen to ideas, share the work load and help each other will grow.

I would like to help coordinate it and I’ll certainly bring along my questions, ideas and willingness to get involved.


Anonymous said...

Great ideas! How come no bites? There's very little info available on the Maine Film website.
I've been trying to find audition info for films made in Maine - with zero returns. Is there one website/page with state-wide film info regarding who's doing what and when?
This is the information age but I can't find any in Maine...!
Great blog.

Cameron said...

Thank you anonymous. More needs to be done on the film office side. The lack of anything coming from the film offic is sad. use your voice to ask for more.